Revenue shares and payout information

All revenue shares and payout information is available to you in the Revenue shares view, which can be found from Dashboard by clicking on your profile name in the top right corner.

The payout percentage is calculated from the end-user price excluding VAT. For example, if the user is billed 10€, the local VAT is 2€ and payout percentage is 85% you as a developer will receive (10€-2€)*0.85=6.8€ to your bank account. The exact country specific amounts are visible in the “Payout” column in the Revenue shares document.

Payouts to your account are made once a month by the 15th day if the following conditions are met:

  1. Payouts have been correctly configured on the Payouts tab. Please see here for more details about payout configuration.
  2. Revenue to be paid out exceeds 100 EUR.
  3. The payout cycle for the respective month and country is completed.

Here is an example of how to calculate when you receive the payout according to 2-months payout cycle:


  1. Your services earn revenue
  2. Operators pay money to Fortumo
  3. Fortumo pays money to you

You can see the payout cycle for each country on the Revenue shares view at the Fortumo Dashboard.


Fortumo cannot provide you with tax advice on payments. We recommend to consult your tax advisor for guidance on how taxes may impact you and your sales.

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