Payout reports

Before every payout, we will e-mail you a detailed self-bill report. This is equal to an invoice, so there is no need for additional invoices to be issued by you or Fortumo.

From the Payouts tab you have an overview of all the previous payouts made to your account. You can download payout self-bills and full settlement reports by settlement months. For downloading a full settlement report click on the Download settlement report button.

The payout self-bill report includes a detailed overview of the payable revenue as well as any deductions: bad debt, end user refunds and transaction fees. If end users do not pay their phone bills, the sums not collected by operators are deducted from your payout as bad debt. Any refunds to end users processed by operators or Fortumo are also deducted from your payout.

Under the Payouts tab you can see payouts in different statuses. Payouts in status Paid out means that the money has been paid out to you, but please note that the statuses change automatically and it may take a few days for the revenue to arrive to your bank account. When a payout status is Failed, we were not able to deliver the money to your account or it was returned to us due to incorrect or missing information in your Payout configuration. In this case you will be contacted by Fortumo Support Team.

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