Welcome to Fortumo: here's how to get started

Fortumo develops technologies that help digital merchants connect to mobile operators and digital wallets in more than 80 countries for global monetization and user growth.

You can use our platform in order to achieve the following:

  • Gain new users: bring on board customers of mobile operators through bundle and reselling, facilitated through the Trident bundling platform
  • Collect payments: enable customers to pay you with carrier billing and digital wallets, by charging payments to their phone bill or wallet account
  • Retain users: communicate with customers through our messaging platform and take advantage of powerful loyalty solutions that address user churn

Our payments platform and its turnkey solutions (Web SDK) are available for public use and without any additional costs or sign-up fees. In order to find out how to start using them, skip to the next paragraph.

If you are interested in using the Trident bundling platform, recurring payments, Unified SDK, Payments API or our messaging platform, please get in touch directly and provide us with the following information (we are happy to sign an NDA for this purpose):

  • Description of your business and goods or services sold
  • Current business volume and forecast of growth with Fortumo
  • Countries you are interested in launching through Fortumo

For our turnkey Web SDK payment products, here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free account with Fortumo via Fortumo Dashboard
  2. Get to know our commercial terms and configure your payouts.
  3. Choose the suitable payment product and create your payment services
  4. Conduct integration and testing to make sure payments work correctly
  5. Get to know our compliance and market specific requirements. Pay extra attention to our content restrictions and make sure that the content you're selling is allowed in your key markets. After you've reviewed our guidelines and are sure that your services are compliant, submit them to our Customer Support team for approvals.
  6. After receiving approvals, you can start collecting payments!

So that you could plan the integration and launch of carrier billing through Fortumo with your team, we recommend to keep in mind the following:

  • Integration of Web SDK on average take 1 week to complete
  • In most countries that we support, you can launch one-time payments immediately
  • In countries where telcos need to review your service, approvals can take up to 1 month
  • Our Customer Support team will help you throughout the approvals and integration process and in case of any questions, make sure to reach out to them via cspub@boku.com
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