Which Fortumo product should you choose?

Fortumo provides you with three different types of products: payments, messaging and bundling.

Please see the table below for a quick overview of all the payment products or keep reading for more detailed description of each of them under the table together with messaging and bundling.

Payment product Payment methods Self-service Payment flow Description
Unified SDK Carrier billing and digital wallets No Fortumo hosted Built for transactions on desktop, (mobile) websites and inside apps, for both one-time and subscription payments. Requires additional configuration from Fortumo’s side.
Web SDK Carrier billing Yes Fortumo hosted Optimized for each platform to display the best payment flow available for both one-time and subscription payments. Easy setup for carrier billing without additional integration from Fortumo’s side.
PSMS API Carrier billing Yes Merchant hosted Create any payment service that you could think of, but it requires some programming skills and a web-server. Setup can be done without additional integration from Fortumo’s side
Payments API Carrier billing No Merchant hosted Server-to-server payments, every payment channel needs prior configuration and customization. For merchants processing more than $100,000 per month.


  • Unified SDK - Unified SDK solution allows you to integrate carrier billing and digital wallets to your desktop apps, (mobile) websites and mobile apps without having to worry about any details related to the payment flow setup itself. For initializing a payment, all you need to do is direct your consumers to a Fortumo hosted payment flow where we take care of the rest. Once the consumer has completed their payment, a callback is sent back to your server based on which you will be able to provide the service that has been paid for. Fortumo Unified SDK can be used for processing both one time payments and subscriptions and from the user’s point of view, it is similar to Web SDK but requires more configuration from Fortumo’s side.

  • Web SDK - Web SDK allows you to collect payments using carrier billing. This product allows your users to initiate payments from your website and complete them in a web-based payment window hosted by Fortumo. The product is optimized for each platform (web, mobile web, feature phones) and automatically displays users with the best payment flow available. The setup is straightforward and simple, as the service can be created on the Dashboard without much configuration or help from Fortumo’s side. This service type can be used for both one time payments and subscriptions and as the flow is hosted by us, the approvals process in most countries is relatively quick.

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  • PSMS API - This is a flexible solution targeted at merchants who have previous experience with carrier billing. It allows you to create any payment service that you could think of, but it requires some programming skills and a web-server where you could host your program (for example as a PHP-script). Interaction between our server and your script will be conducted with HTTP GET requests. Keep in mind that integrating the PSMS API takes significantly bigger resources, you will be required to provide checkout flows and marketing materials for each country and you will also need to take care of translations and compliance. Therefore the approvals process for PSMS API services can also take a bit longer than with Fortumo hosted flows. Please note that only one time payments are available with PSMS API.

  • Payments API - Payments API is designed to provide you a possibility offer server-to-server payments using Fortumo infrastructure and carrier billing connectivity. This API is built to provide high availability and high scale payment processing and is available to trusted partners who process more than $100,000 per month. Every payment channel to a mobile operator needs prior configuration for your merchant account and many telcos require additional configuration and product-based customization prior to launch. This product can be used for both one time payments and subscriptions.


  • Messaging API - At the core of Fortumo’s Messaging Platform is our Messaging API product. This robust, scalable API gives you a global line of communication with your customers for user identification, two-factor authentication (2FA), payment confirmations, transactional notifications and promotions through A2P SMS messaging. You can use the Messaging API together with our direct carrier billing and bundling platforms or as a standalone solution.


  • Trident Bundling Platform - the Fortumo Trident Bundling Platform allows you to integrate mobile and broadband bundles to your website or application. This solution will take care of user authentication, validation and provisioning, ensuring that only eligible subscribers can benefit from the bundled offering (partner's service offering that can be bundled by the operator and that is unique to both partner and the operator, it's possible to configure multiple partner offers for one mobile operator). There are multiple scenarios and channels, how bundles can be promoted including SMS, user forwarding and embedded iframes.

In case you have any additional questions about the above-mentioned products or are still not exactly sure which product is the right one for you, please contact us at cspub@boku.com.

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