Creating an account

Fortumo’s platform is free to use. You can sign up for an account on our Dashboard and then instantly proceed to set up payment services.

There are a couple of important things you should know about your account:

Login e-mail address

It is important to use a correct e-mail address as your login. We will use this as your contact e-mail and will send all important notifications about your service, payouts etc. there. You can change your login e-mail address by editing your profile.

Private or company account

When creating an account, you can choose whether you set it as company account or private individual account. If you do not want to make a company account, then simply leave the “Company name” field empty. In most countries there is no difference whether you have a private or company account.

If it is regulated by local law, private persons have to declare earned revenue as their income.

Configuring an account for a company (e-mail, data, payouts)

Once you have created your account, you can configure your profile at any time. If you have made a private individual’s account, you can simply change it to a company account by filling the “Company name” field. Then you also might need to change your payout configuration. Make sure that all data (e-mail address, account owner’s first and last name etc.) you have provided is correct.

Adding additional users to your account

In addition to having access to the account yourself, you can easily invite new users with different rights to use Fortumo’s Dashboard. You can invite new users via the “Invite new users” button.

For this go to “Users” page from drop-down in the top right corner and click “Invite new users”, enter the user’s e-mail address and choose a suitable role. The user will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. Until they confirm it, the status of the user stays pending. Under the “Users” tab, you can resend invitations, delete and change the roles you have given.

There are four roles that can be assigned to the people you want to invite: User roles

E-mail notifications on password changes

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the password reminder function offered during the “Sign in” window. Simply click on the link “Forgot password”, enter your login e-mail and you will receive an e-mail with confirmation link which enables you to change your password.

If you have received the password change notification, but have not reported about forgetting your password, then probably someone has entered your e-mail address by mistake.

What if your account is hacked?

In order to avoid abuse of your account, please keep your login information to yourself. In case of suspicion that your account has been hacked, please immediately change your password. If you can not log in to your account, please contact us at

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