Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in creating a service with Fortumo, what do I have to do?
How much does it cost to create Fortumo services?
Is subscription based billing available with Fortumo?
Do I have to have a company to use Fortumo’s services?
Why is country X not supported? When will it be available?
How fast will my service be approved?
How to delete my account?

Revenue and payouts

When will I receive my payout?
Where can I see my overall revenue?
What are BIC & SWIFT?
How is the revenue calculated?
What is bad debt?
My “Payable in the future” has decreased. Why?
I seem to be getting less money than I should. Why?
Is Fortumo handling end-user refunds?
How are you handling different currencies and conversion rates?
Which payout options does Fortumo support?
Is Fortumo withholding any taxes from the payments?
How to configure my payout details?


How to add new countries to my services?
Are there any service types which are not allowed with Fortumo?
Which alphabet can be used in the incoming and reply messages?


Why is the transaction “pending” for so long?
Are there any per-user limits for the number of transactions?
What causes unsuccessful payments?

Messaging Platform

How can I start using Fortumo’s Messaging Platform?
How do I test messaging?
Does Fortumo check if user can receive SMS?
What are the fees for each market?
Do I need to pay upfront or do you charge on an ongoing basis?
What is the market coverage?
What are the limits on messaging content?
Does Fortumo’s SMS support Emojis?
Are there any country-specific restrictions?
Can I use dynamic sender ID for SMS messages?

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