Additional requirements for PSMS API

By following these 6 simple steps you will make sure your service is compliant and simplify the launch approval process with the operators. All of the information can also be found in the Country Regulations document.

1. Check if your service category is allowed

Unfortunately you cannot use Fortumo if your service is related to:

  • Donations
  • Adult
  • Lotteries
  • Gambling
  • Copyright violation
  • Multiple billing is restricted in the majority of countries.

Next make sure your service also respects country specific content restrictions.

Please keep in mind that in the Middle Eastern and North African region the carriers do not allow social casino games (even virtual poker games are categorized as gambling), bingo, tarot, horoscope, VPN services and religion related services. There are also very strict regulations towards dating and chatting services – make sure to avoid any nudity in your service (already slight revealing is considered as inappropriate).

2. Adjust your payment page/window to meet general and country specific requirements

  • Compliant payment information always includes price, support contact and company or service provider’s name.
  • The users are informed about the charge by adding a sentence like “The cost will be charged to your mobile phone bill”.
  • Price is always clearly visible to the users and in correct local currency format.
  • Shortcode, keyword and price are displayed in same format (in case payment needs to be made by manually sending the message).

Here are some of the examples that we have prepared for you:

Payment flow for Web services


3. Simplify and automate payment page information management by using Fortumo’s Service Data XML API

Manually managing payment windows to be compliant and include everything required in every country we support will be very time-consuming for you. To assist you with this, we’ve developed a service data export XML API which allows you to automate service configuration and payment window management across countries. This API will list supported operators, keywords, shortcodes, prices and local disclaimers for every country you’ve configured. We strongly encourage you to implement this API in your project. You can read more about our XML API in the technical specification.

4. Make sure reply messages are compliant and localised

It is mandatory for every reply message to include:

  • Price of service
  • Service or item name
  • Support contact (e-mail or link to help desk)
  • Information in local language

Below are 2 examples of a compliant reply message:

  • You purchased 30 Gold Coins for €5.00 Thank You! Support:
  • Payment for Premium Access successful. Price 5.00 EUR Support:

There is maximum 120-symbol message length limit which you should not exceed (50 symbols for replies in Unicode).

5. Maximise your revenue by localising the payment experience in every of the countries

We have made it easy for you by gathering localised reply message formats, payment page disclaimers and currency formats into one Country Regulations document. Feel free to use these examples and modify them according to your service to make more revenue by improving the payment experience.

Brazil example for web services


6. All set? Help us approve your service!

Step 1: Put your service Live

Once you have followed all steps above, prepared a compliant payment window and are ready to launch the service, please hit the Go Live button on Dashboard under Services tab. You will see a list of countries that need carrier additional approval before they can be activated.

Step 2: Send us additional information required

To help our Approvals team to get your service live as quickly as possible, please carefully fill the form and kindly send us following information:

  • Link to your service where the payment can be accessed
    • For Web SDK services – direct link to the payment page, test account details for your service if necessary and examples of reply message content for the countries where your service is about to launch to
    • Your service is pre-loaded to a device? You will help us the best if you send us a video of the full payment experience (user journey) and screen shots of the flow where service is about to launch to
  • A detailed description: what is the service about, what is being sold with mobile payment, what benefits end users receive after making a purchase.
Step 3: Complete additional processes in countries with special requirements

In United Kingdom and Ireland local regulators require every service provider to register before operating any mobile payment services. We’ve prepared additional step-by-step guidelines to assist you with the process:

United Kingdom


Once done, kindly send us the registration numbers (PPP registration number for UK and Comreg PRS licence for Ireland) to

How long will it take to get you service approved?

Once you have submitted the service materials to approval, our team will get back to you within two business days. However there are stricter markets, where carriers are performing thorough checks resulting in approvals that might take up to several weeks. For example in MENA, Ireland, United Kingdom, South-Korea and Canada.

We hope that this guide was helpful in preparing a compliant service. In case there is something that remained unclear please contact us at

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