In some exceptional countries mobile operators demand full check-ups on all services prior to live traffic resulting in thorough and time-consuming approval processes. Most complex markets are MENA, Ireland, United Kingdom, South-Korea and Canada, where on-boarding requires patience and proper content screening. All services that go under approval are reviewed by Fortumo approval manager. General idea of service approvals is to make sure only fully compliant services are operating on our platform.

There are 2 categories how Fortumo approves services depending on the country:

  1. Instant approval for services with Fortumo hosted payment flow
  2. Operator approval

Approval process when you are ready to go live

  1. Make sure you fully comply with the market-specific regulations in countries you are have chosen to collect revenue. Once you have created the service, submit it to approval via Dashboard.
  2. Insert as much details as possible on marketing channels, landing page, revenue estimations, promotional campaigns, links to landing page, apk and distribution channels helping us speed up the on-boarding process. Well-composed flow descriptions and screen shots will help us better understand your business agenda and if there are any inconsistencies that need to be rectified before launching the services.
    • Web SDK services. Send us URL to the service with instructions on where to find the payment.
    • PSMS API services in web. Send us URL to the service, instructions about where to find the payment flow.
    • PSMS API services in apps. Send us screen shots of the payment flow in the country where service is about to launch and if possible, the actual app itself.
    • ALL service types require a detailed description. What is the service about, what is being sold with the mobile payment, what benefits end users receive after making a purchase.
    • In case finding the payment information requires logging in, test account (user name + password) credentials are also needed.
  3. After hitting GO LIVE you will receive an e-mail confirming that the approval process has been initiated. There are number of markets where manual checks must be performed by our approval manager.
  4. Prior to approving your service in markets that require special registration, such as Ireland or United Kingdom you will receive reminder to send us the registration details. In MENA countries we need to perform manual checks to validate that local rules are indeed fully respected as any deviances might lead to immediate suspension and legal action against service providers.
  5. If service materials are correct your service shall be approved. If you have forgotten some essential information that was overseen at the service creation stage, you will be asked to provide more details;
  6. Your service is now ready to start collecting revenue

How Long Does it Take?

Once you have submitted the service materials to approval, our team will get back to you within two business days. However, as outlined above, there are stricter markets, where carriers are performing thorough checks resulting in approvals that might take up to several weeks. As mentioned it takes longer for MENA, Ireland, United Kingdom, South-Korea and Canada.

For support, send email to or visit our FAQ section.

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