Best practices: displaying local payments on checkout

Carrier billing and digital wallets help you reach new paying user segments and increase your conversion rate. To make sure customers who want to use carrier billing or digital wallets for payments would have an easy way of doing so, consider using the best practices listed below when launching with Fortumo.

Notify users when you launch carrier billing or wallets. After you have launched with Fortumo, users need to know that a new payment method is available in order to start using it. Send a Push SMS notification, in-app notification and email campaign to users who have not made purchases with other payment methods before.

Default to carrier billing or mobile wallets on mobile devices.. Payment methods provided by Fortumo are mobile-first, which make them the most frictionless checkout solution on mobile devices. Display these payment methods as the default ones when you detect that a user has reached your checkout on a mobile device.

Default to the previously used payment method for repeat transactions.. If a user has already made a payment before, they likely want to use the same payment method again in the future. When a repeat customer enters checkout, show them the previously used payment method as the first option.

Highlight locally relevant payment methods. While credit cards and PayPal are popular in Western markets, they are less used in other regions of the world. For example, in the Philippines, carrier billing is the most popular payment method for digital transactions, according to Superdata Research. Check out our market reports or get in touch with your Account Manager to understand which payment methods should be highlighted in which countries.

Don’t ask for user information up front. Unlike credit cards, users do not need to enter any information (other than their phone number) during the checkout process. If possible, move the registration process and asking additional information from the user to after the checkout has been done.

Use easy to understand visuals and languages. Users will most likely not know what Fortumo is, but they will understand what “Pay by Mobile”, “Pay by Vodafone” or “Pay with OVO” means. Use this type of wording on your payment buttons for carrier billing and digital wallets.

If possible, provide a separate checkout button for each each individual telco and digital wallet for users in countries where that payment method is available; local telcos and digital wallets have very strong brand recognition.

Standard checkout buttons for carrier billing and mobile wallets can be downloaded from Figma. If you are interested in using other telco and digital wallets logos, please get in touch and we can provide you with them.

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