General compliance information

Common rules

Your service must at all times be in full compliance with Fortumo's Terms of Service, legal acts and good morals of the countries where your services are staged to go LIVE. You must clearly state the end user price in the advertisements and instructions of use of your service. Attempts to mislead users by demonstrating false or inconsistent pricing will result in suspension of your services. Additional information can be found in our Country Regulations document.

Check if your service is allowed in each one of the countries

You cannot use Fortumo if your service is related to:

  • Donations
  • Adult
  • Lotteries
  • Gambling
  • Multiple billing (restricted in the majority of countries)
  • Copyright violation
  • Financial services (Forex, Blockchain/Crypto currencies and trading stocks)

Next make sure your service also respects country specific content restrictions.

Please keep in mind that in the Middle Eastern & North Africa, the carriers do not allow social casino games (even virtual poker games are categorized as gambling), bingo, tarot, horoscope, VPN services and religion related services. There are also very strict regulations towards dating and chatting services – make sure to avoid any nudity in your service (already slight revealing is considered as inappropriate).


All services that go under approval are reviewed by Fortumo’s approval manager. Only fully compliant services are approved to use carrier billing.

All service types require a detailed description to be submitted: what is the service about, what is being sold through mobile payments, what items or services will the end user receive after making a purchase.

Be prepared to demonstrate to our approval manager how your service works by providing screen shots, service URL or taking video captions.

Specific rules and requirements for PSMS API merchants

We have prepared a guideline with relevant key points for PSMS API merchants to help create compliant service, which respects local rules and regulations.

Consequences of breaking the rules?

Should we find your services in breach with market regulations or Terms of Service, Fortumo holds the right to block the services and suspend payouts. We also disclose service and merchant related information to law enforcement authorities, should we receive official inquiries.

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