MENA region

The purpose of these guidelines is to outline the content restrictions for service providers to ensure conformity of content within the acceptable norms, traditions and cultural of the MENA countries.

The following guidelines cover all content formats such as (not only) graphical material, photos, animations, drawings, caricatures, screen savers, logo’s and text messages and video content in any format.

It is not allowed to show any kind of sexual materials (incl, but not limited to):

  • Male genitals nor female genitals, sexual intercourse or act that suggests the same, masturbation and/or oral sex or act that suggests the same.
  • Topless women, naked women (entire body or part), women in transparent lingerie (panties and top).
  • Naked upper part of male body (upper half of the body naked) unless in a sporting context (i.e. swimming). The lower half of the body must be covered by non-transparent clothing or otherwise. 
  • Naked body form from behind.
  • Human trafficking in order to offer sex.
  • Bikini is only allowed in a fashion or sportive context, not with obvious focus on the woman herself.

It is not allowed to depict any extreme violence (incl, but not limited to):

  • Torture and violence (against the will of shown persons; this includes also all forms of practices that could result in an injury and serious damage to health).
  • Activities dishonouring deceased person, and genocide (racist motivated sexual, or other, humiliation of shown persons).
  • Weapons, drugs, alcohol, murder, rape, keeping hostages and other criminal offences.

It is not allowed to promote any services related to political & cultural manifestations (incl, but not limited to):

  • Political sponsorship, political views, religious views e.g. Palestinian, US related, Iraq, etc.
  • Any type of content regarding the presidents and Kings and princes of the countries.
  • Any content proposing or alluding to betting or gambling ( casino games, bingo, tarot, horoscope).
  • Any content referring, proposing or alluding to drugs or alcohol.
  • Propagate Western festivities.
  • Any offensive Arab related gimmicks, such as camels, local Arab costume, insulting the Quran, etc.

Any service where the end-user will have to send an SMS to be billed or uses any other technology provided, needs to be pre-approved by Fortumo and Mobile Network Operator. Any breach in above-mentioned rules at any times will result in service and payout freeze. 

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