United Kingdom

All premium rate service providers in the United Kingdom are required to register with a local regulator PSAauthority and must follow their Code of Practice

The annual registration fee is £150 +VAT.

You don’t have to pay the registration fee if it's your first year of registration and your projected annual gross outpayment is less than £10,000 per year.

Registration is rather seamless and can be done online on PhonePayPlus's website. Once you have followed through all steps, we suggest you either enter the registration code (ORGxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx) received to the service description section when going live with your service or drop us an e-mail at cspub@boku.com. Please note that registration is valid for 1 year and You need to renew the registration duly before the expiration date in order to avoid any issues with the market regulator. 

For API services, both local customer support telephone number and price (format: £X) must be visible on all call to action pages and reply MT-s. Pricing information has to be the same size and color as keywords and shortcode. Pricing information must be placed horizontally. 

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