Analyzing payment performance and increasing your revenue

In order to maximize your revenue from carrier billing, you should promote the new payment method to your users. We have put together a helpful blog post on what steps you can take to increase end-user spend.

We also recommend you to analyze your results with carrier billing. Tracking your performance over time will give you useful insights on whether to change your pricing strategy, which countries to focus on, where to improve billing performance etc.

You can get a complete overview of all transactions processed through Fortumo on our Dashboard, from the Revenue tab. The Dashboard provides a high-level overview of your revenue during a specific time period.

If you want to analyze your data on a deeper level, you can download a detailed transaction level report from the revenue view. With the detailed data, you can discover key trends about your payments performance:

  • When are users making purchases?
  • Is your pricing for each market correct?
  • How much revenue does each user generate (ARPPU)?
  • Which mobile operators generate the most revenue?

You can benchmark payment performance with data from our market reports. If you are interested in more detailed data on aggregated performance of each country, please get in touch with us.

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