Setting up a payment service

After you have selected a payment product, you can now proceed to creating an account on Fortumo dashboard. After this, you need to click the „Create new service“ button and activate the correct product (Unified SDK or Web SDK).

Unified SDK gives you access to the advanced direct carrier billing and digital wallet connections available through our platform.

When creating a Web SDK service, you will have an option for selecting if this service is meant for selling single items or virtual currency.

Regardless of the product chosen, the integration process consists of the following:

  • Front-end: dynamic payment URL generation, adding payment button to checkout page
  • Back-end: setting up callback handling and payment result processing
  • Testing: validating the integration setup; enabling testing for Fortumo
  • Launch: moving the integration to the live environment
  • Post-launch: monitoring integration health after launch

We strongly suggest to look our supporting APIs: Fortumo's Reporting API, which allows you to automatically import data about your transactions into your own business intelligence systems and Messaging Platform, in case you want to use Fortumo for SMS messaging.

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