Fortumo's Bundling Platform

Fortumo’s Bundling Platform is an on-demand product. In order to gain access to the product, please contact your account manager. If you are a new merchant, please get in touch with our business development team.

Fortumo’s Bundling Platform allows you to integrate mobile and broadband bundles with your website or application. Fortumo’s Bundling Platform will take care of user authentication, entitlement validation and provisioning, ensuring that only eligible subscribers can benefit from the bundled offering.

There are multiple scenarios and channels, how bundles can be promoted including SMS, signed user forwarding and embedded iframes.

Fortumo’s Bundling Platform can be used by telcos (mainly for triggering service activations) but also by service providers (to activate services such as free data). The amount of APIs that will need to be integrated varies depending on the project scope. The scope and design are agreed together with your Project Manager.

Solution overview

The following scheme illustrates standard bundling scenarios and interactions. The final user journey may vary depending on the telco and the bundle that is being offered.


A standard bundling activation scenario consists of 3 stages:

1. Inbound channel and trigger. This will initiate bundling activation process by landing the subscriber to Fortumo's offer endpoint, either via a unique public URL of the offer or signed redirect from partner's environment, which also allows specifying additional information. For more complicated bundling models like balance recharge or plan activation offers, it's also possible to trigger bundling activation process via a remote API backend call or periodic batch file exchange. In this case, Fortumo will take care of landing the subscriber on public offer endpoint using a personalised SMS.

2. User authentication and entitlement validation. At this stage, Fortumo’s Bundling Platform will perform subscriber authentication which will guide the user through a phone number validation flow. Once the subscriber's identity is confirmed, Fortumo Bundling solution will perform additional bundle entitlement validations as per pre-configured offer conditions.

3. Bundle activation. After successfully authenticating and validating the user Fortumo will activate the bundle and perform a respective callback to partner's endpoint. Depending on the offer configuration, the subscriber will be redirected to partner's offer activation page or will receive bundle activation instructions via SMS or web.


Bundle - an offer that is available for redemption to a specific telco subscriber. Before bundle is activated, Fortumo Bundling Platform will authenticate the subscriber and check for offer eligibility.

Offer - unique partner's service offering that can be bundled by the operator. Something the partner has to define in Fortumo bundling platform. Every offer is unique to partner and operator, it's possible to configure multiple partner offers for one mobile operator. Offers are pre-configured on Fortumo’s Bundling Platform, although certain offer options can be passed on the fly via signed user redirect.

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