Messaging API

At the core of Fortumo’s Messaging Platform is our Messaging API product. This robust, scalable API gives you a global line of communication with your customers for user identification, two-factor authentication (2FA), payment confirmations, transactional notifications and promotions through A2P SMS messaging. You can use the Messaging API together with our direct carrier billing and bundling platforms or as a standalone solution.

Messaging api is a pay as you go product and we will charge you for every message sending attempt according to the preagreed pricing terms. Please note that failed message sending attempts, for example due to invalid phone number or non-existent subscriber, will be charged as well.

Messaging API is an on demand product. In order to gain access to the product, please contact your account manager.

In order to start using Messaging API product please follow these steps:

  1. Refer to the list of integration prerequisites for obtaining access to the API and configure appropriate messaging routes
  2. Follow the integration guideline in order to implement Messaging API to your product
  3. Carry out integration testing and validate the results
  4. Go Live!
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