Integration outline

Please check the technical documentation outline of Unified SDK to easily comprehend the integration process. This outline guides you through the essential steps of successful technical integration with links referring to its details.

1. Generating the payment initialization URL -{account id}?token={JWT token}
  • account id – merchant ID relevant for your account
  • token – JWT token where all the payment related data is defined. You can test JWT, find libraries for token generation and read more at
2. Handling callbacks received from each transaction

Fortumo sends callbacks via HTTP POST request to your specified endpoints.Then you can implement a backend that processes the data we send about each transaction. Please note that http redirect is not allowed and all endpoints must belong to your platform. There are three types of callbacks:

  • Authorization callbacks holding the information about authorization phase. This is the phase where end user’s MSIDN is validated
    • PIN code validation - user enters their phone number and receive a PIN code via SMS. The phone number is validated.
    • Header enrichment - when user is in mobile network, phone number can be validated automatically by the operator.
  • Payment callbacks holding the information about actual charging. This is the phase when authorization has been successfully made and we attempt to charge the user.
  • Subscription callbacks holding information about specific recurring payment. These are sent when recurring payment is enabled.
3. Security

It is preferred you add multiple security layers for our server communication in order to ensure everything is safe and no data has been tampered with. We strongly recommend:

  • Defining JWT token in Authorization header
  • Validating the callbacks
4. Testing

When integration is completed it is time for final UAT tests with live carrier connections and digital wallets. Check out testing and integration best practises here.

  • Testing the integration from your end.
  • UAT testing by Fortumo to ensure the quality of the integration.
  • UAT testing by operators or ewallets
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