Merchant account setup

In order to get started you would first need to create an account on Fortumo dashboard.

  1. Create an account in Fortumo Dashboard and click "Create new service". From there you can activate Unified SDK product which gives you access to carrier billing and digital wallets.
  2. Once service is activated you are directed to API Keys section.
  3. Generate a 4096 bit ssh key pair (public and private keys will be generated) in OpenSSH format and paste the public key in the input box. You can follow instructions on how generate the keys here.
  4. Now you have an access to Unified SDK. You can start creating the payment URL in sandbox and get the look and feel of the product. Check the integration steps here.
  5. Live routes will be enabled in the pre-live final testing when everything is ready on both sides.


Adding correct routes to you account is done by your integration manager. These routes will determine with which operator (or wallet) and country combinations you are able to authorize and charge users on.


All available routes configured to your account can be requested with capabilities. Refer to Capabilities. Although it is not required to use capabilities API with Unified SDK we strongly recommend it. This will help you to have an easily scalable integration and adding more countries and routes in the future will be even smoother.

Verify your requirements

Thinking through the following steps will help avoid any unforeseen delays during the integration process

  • Think through and plan your payment/checkout flow prior to the integration. Have a look at checkout flow best practises here.
  • Separate Fortumo accounts for staging/production
  • Are you implementing one-time or recurring payments?
  • Pricing - what will the price of your service be for each country? Will you run any promotional pricing, such as discounts or free trials?
  • Authorization flow - PIN only or Header Enrichment?
  • Supporting API requirements (Subscription Info, Unsubscribing, Capabilities, Messaging, Refunds etc.)
  • Markets that you plan to go live with and which one is the first?
  • What are your expected launch timelines?
  • Platforms - mobile, web, in-app etc.
  • Custom theme – you can request a custom theme defining the color codes, fonts, logos etc. We will create it for you.
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