Wallet integration for existing Unified SDK merchants

The checkout flow for carrier billing payments is hosted end-to-end by Fortumo. With mobile wallet payments, the checkout flow is partially hosted by Fortumo, for the payment confirmation the user is directed to their wallet account.

Unified SDK handles the different payment flows used by each wallet on behalf of the merchant. Only the “channel_code” payload parameter needs to be changed in the checkout window to direct the user to a specific wallet.

Just like with carrier billing, enabling mobile wallets consists of the following steps:

  1. Set up front-end: set up the capability to generate dynamic payment URLs and add a wallet-specific payment button to your checkout page

  2. Set up back-end: set up callback handling and payment result processing

  3. Test: validate the integration setup and enable testing for Fortumo

  4. Launch: move the integration to the live environment

  5. Monitor post-launch: monitor the wallet performance after launch

In order to start collecting mobile wallet payments through your existing Unified SDK integration, here is what you need to do:

(1) Create a separate Fortumo Dashboard sub-account for mobile wallets

Once you have selected which mobile wallets you want to launch and have confirmed the commercials with your Fortumo contact, create a separate sub-account on your Fortumo Dashboard.

To do this, log in to your existing account and in the upper right corner, click “New Account”:

Merchant subaccount

(2) Configure mobile wallet specific channel codes

  1. Once you have completed USDK integration you can proceed with sandbox testing as described here. If you have an existing live integration with Fortumo, you can skip sandbox testing

  2. Ask your account manager or our Customer Support team to share wallet specific channel_code with you to test mobile wallet payments in production

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