Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between product_name and credit_name parameters?
How many times are back end billing notifications resent, if the server does not respond, or returns an error?
Is there a way of forcing dialogs to appear in English regardless of location?
[X] button for closing the payment does not work.
I added advanced integration parameters, but they don’t take effect.
How can I pass over custom product identifier with a payment?
Do I have to add CUID parameter?
Is it compulsory to set the callback URL where users will be redirected after a payment?
Calculated signature does not work, advanced parameters still don’t take effect.
How to preselect a certain price point for a Virtual Currency service?
Is it possible to set up separate landing pages to direct a user in successful and failed billing cases?

Integration examples

Can I prefill user's phone number in case I know it?
How to change virtual currency exchange rate dynamically?
How can I track individual transactions and consumers?
Can the user be redirected to a custom landing page after a payment?
How can I preselect user's country?
Can I preselect a mobile operator?
What are the different ways for me to open the payment flow?
I am using Header Enrichment authorisation and the payment flow gets stuck due to Mixed Content security issues.
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