Note that due to how mobile payment technology works, there may be a certain delay between the moment a mobile payment is initialized and the moment it is actually billed and completed, sometimes taking up to 48 hours. As a result, certain transactions may end up belonging to different reporting days and months, depending on how they are grouped together.

After you have successfully launched carrier billing, you have several ways on how to track incoming payments and revenue - Reporting API and revenue reports from Dashboard.

Available reports:

Reporting API

Fortumo’s Reporting API allows you to automatically import data on your transactions into your own business intelligence systems, without having to view or download that data from Fortumo’s Dashboard manually.

Reporting API allows you to fetch report data in semicolon separated UTF-8 CSV format for Revenue, Detailed Revenue reports.

Reports from Fortumo Dashboard

The Revenue tab in Dashboard gives you a quick overview of incoming payments - you'll see the amount of successful, failed and refunded transactions and the total revenue you have earned. By default, the Revenue tab will display the amounts in local currencies, but you can change the Dashboard currency under your profile details.

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