Detailed revenue finalized report

Note that the Detailed revenue finalized report is designed for daily workflows and cannot be requested for longer than one day period.

Parameter Type Description Example
timestamp Timestamp Transaction creation timestamp in ISO-8601 format 2016-03-01T00:23:44Z
timestamp finalized_timestamp Transaction completion timestamp in ISO-8601 format 2016-03-03T00:10:35Z
transaction_id Text Unique ID generated by Fortumo to identify the transaction b399ef1d9eaa75c80a8f76321ec12506
operation_reference Text Unique reference ID generated by the Merchant to identify the transaction 717443357
billing_identity Text For carrier billing, end-user phone number value with country code 45856090293c51301868107756169343
consumer_identity Text A unique end-user identifier b3ccb8d9-2be8-3aba-9acd-8dfbf2a4401d
service_id Text Merchant service identificator aff5aae0a53ddeabc6f694dae5b89255
service_name Text Merchant service name Premium Credit Packs
country Text Country code in ISO-3166-1 alpha 2 format FR
operator_name Text Payment operator name Bouygues
transaction_status Text Current state of the transaction, possible values: new, charged, failed, refunded, chargeback, suspended, frozen charged
transaction_currency Text Local currency for the transaction, currency code in ISO-4217 format EUR
transaction_amount Number Charged amount for the transaction in local currency 2.0
transaction_amount_wo_tax Number Charged amount for the transaction in local currency without VAT 1.67
currency_exchange_rate Number Exchange rate from gross_currency to settlement_currency at the time of a settlement. Before a settlement this is the current exchange rate and used for indicative purposes only. 1.0
net_settlement_amount Number Merchant revenue for the transaction 0.8333
settlement_currency Text Currency the transaction will be paid out in, currency code in ISO-4217 format EUR
settlement_status Text Transaction settlement status to be settled
settlement_date Text Date for when the transaction will be (or has been) paid out in ISO-8601 format 2016-08-15T00:00:00Z
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