Detailed revenue report

Parameter Type Description Example
timestamp Timestamp Transaction creation timestamp in ISO-8601 format 2016-03-01T00:23:44Z
transaction_id Text Unique ID generated by Fortumo to identify the transaction b399ef1d9eaa75c80a8f76321ec12506
operation_reference Text Unique reference ID generated by the Merchant to identify the transaction 717443357
billing_identity Text For carrier billing, end-user phone number value with country code 45856090293c51301868107756169343
consumer_identity Text A unique end-user identifier b3ccb8d9-2be8-3aba-9acd-8dfbf2a4401d
service_id Text Merchant service identificator aff5aae0a53ddeabc6f694dae5b89255
service_name Text Merchant service name Premium Credit Packs
country Text Country code in ISO-3166-1 alpha 2 format FR
operator_name Text Payment operator name Bouygues
transaction_status Text Current state of the transaction, possible values: new, charged, failed, refunded, chargeback, suspended, frozen charged
transaction_currency Text Local currency for the transaction, currency code in ISO-4217 format EUR
transaction_amount Number Charged amount for the transaction in local currency 2.0
transaction_amount_wo_tax Number Charged amount for the transaction in local currency without VAT 1.67
currency_exchange_rate Number Exchange rate from gross_currency to settlement_currency at the time of a settlement. Before a settlement this is the current exchange rate and used for indicative purposes only. 1.0
net_settlement_amount Number Merchant revenue for the transaction 0.8333
settlement_currency Text Currency the transaction will be paid out in, currency code in ISO-4217 format EUR
settlement_status Text Transaction settlement status to be settled
settlement_date Text Date for when the transaction will be (or has been) paid out in ISO-8601 format 2016-08-15T00:00:00Z
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