Revenue report

Name Type Description Example
service_id Text Merchant service unique identificator 4f02d70007ff001352c4fa62b15d3c40
service_name Text Merchant service name Premium Credit Packs
country Text Country code in ISO-3166 alpha 2 format GB
operator_name Text Payment operator name Vodafone
transactions_billed Number Number of billed transactions 1156
transactions_failed Number Number of failed transactions 345
transactions_refunded Text Number of refunded transactions 7
transaction_currency Text Local currency for the transaction, currency code in ISO-4217 format GBP
transaction_amount Number Charged amount for the transaction in local currency 10.0000
transaction_amount_wo_tax Number Charged amount for the transaction in local currency without VAT 8.3300
currency_exchange_rate Number Exchange rate from gross_currency to settlement_currency at the time of a settlement. Before a settlement this is the current exchange rate and used for indicative purposes only. 1.2372677527
net_settlement_amount Number Merchant revenue for the transaction 9916.5148
settlement_currency Text Currency the transaction will be paid out in, currency code in ISO-4217 format EUR
settlement_status Text Transaction settlement status to be settled
settlement_date Text Date for when the transaction will be (or has already been) paid out in ISO-8601 format 15/08/16
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