Providing support

Here you can find information on how to provide support for your customers. We recommend you to also take a look at our white paper on providing good customer support for payment services.

In case you reached this page because you made a payment through Fortumo and are having problems with it, please visit our dedicated end-user portal.

Helpdesk in service configuration

You should include your support contact address in service configuration in order for your users to be able to contact you in case of any questions/concerns. This help desk address (URL or e-mail) will be added to all confirmation messages sent to the users of your service.

Please make sure that you have provided us with up to date contact info in order to reach you in case of urgent operator request or end user concerns. We appreciate if you respond to our urgent requests in one business day.

Transaction tab for searching for payments

A great tool which helps you to support your users is the Transactions tab on your Dashboard. You can see the country where the user is from, who made the transaction, when was it made (according to UTC/GMT+0 time), the phone number that was used for the payment, the service that was purchased, information about the MO that you received and the MT that was sent to the user and finally the status of the payment. The status OK means that user was billed and the payment was successful.

Error messages and typical solutions

Sometimes users might receive reply messages with error. Here are the most typical examples and solutions for them:

"Something went wrong. Please contact the service provider."

Most probably, we couldn't get response from your server within the required time limit (1 minute).

"Sorry, such service was not found in Fortumo. This service isn't active yet or you have made a spelling mistake."

If the user has received previous error, it may be that the user has made a mistake in the keyword or shortcode. If not, please check if your service is in live mode and approved in the country where the user sent the message from. In case it isn't, please switch it to live mode or contact our support team for approval. Please stop promoting your service until you are sure, that users can make payments for it.

"The service is not available for you. For security reasons you are able to send max x messages during x days."

The user has exceeded the spending limit. Please ask the user to stop sending messages until the required number of days (in most countries 30 days) have passed.

"Sorry, a problem occurred while processing your SMS. We have been notified of this problem."

Something went wrong with processing the payment. In case such error occurs, please let us know at and we will check the exact reason.

"Unfortunately the service can not be used from this telephone number."

User received previous reply message when his/her number has been blocked in Fortumo's system due to the phone owner´s request or an earlier refund.

User cannot make a payment

To make sure that the user is able to use Fortumo payment services, please ask the user to check:

  1. If their mobile operator is supported in his/her country from our Countries page
  2. If their contract allows premium SMS services. For example some company cards are not allowed to purchase premium content.
  3. If the user has prepaid card, if s/he has enough credit on it.

Refunds and chargebacks

All purchases are final. Fortumo does not accept returns or refunds for digital items, except in special cases. In such special cases, please contact our support team at

Denmark is the only country where customers are entitled to have a refund within 14 days from the purchase date if they ask for it.

In Sweden, children are not allowed to make payments, so in case of purchases by minors/children, refund cannot be denied.

Correct promotion materials

In order to avoid possible complaints from end-users or operators, make sure that you display correct promotional materials for your service (correct keywords and short codes, required disclaimers, clear pricing information etc.).

How to detect fraud?

You should pay attention if there are a lot of users who send max possible number of messages to your service and if there are a lot of "failed" messages from one number. We monitor such things on a daily basis, but in case you see anything suspicious or abnormal, let us know at and we will check it as soon as possible. We also recommend you to check out our white paper on preventing fraud with carrier billing.

Fortumo end-user support

Fortumo has a separate end-user support portal where we have collected answers and solutions to most frequent end-user questions and concerns.

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